Urusei Yatsura

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Ah, that never got old on this long-running anime/manga series.

Creator of all this?: Rumiko Takahashi. Same mangaka that spawned Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and Maison Ikkoku. It has 195 episodes and there’s 34 volumes worth of manga goodness.



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My taste in Games

•August 18, 2008 • 2 Comments

Mega Man X

“VIDJAGAMES” – As my dear friend would put it, were the essence of my youth (and still are), but of course I mean Videogames folks, GAMES! GAMESGAMESGAMESGAMES! What makes our world go ’round and where most of the controversial things end up. (Resident Evil 5 anybody?)







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Maybe I’m a Lion – The Blog

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Hello, and welcome to my new-found blog.

I created this on an impulse started from my friend, who’se blog you can check out @: http://toxicinfection.wordpress.com (Yeah, he’s a bit angry and has the need to vent, but that’s what some blogs are for :P)

I currently have NO idea what this blog will be for, but it’ll be REALLY random.
I’ll make several categories for each of course, should it be.. Er.. Gaming.. Real Life.. Pictures I found hilarious (not obscene of course).. Well you get the idea.


I hope you like it.


– Sess.