Worst week of my life EVER

How do I freakin’ begin..
In these few weeks that have passed by, my mother hasn’t been feeling very well, be it not being able to stand or rest properly, not hearing very well, etc~. We thought it was just a phrase, y’know, Menopause..

We were wrong.. (Me and my dad)

This week’s monday my mom had to go to the hospital, and when she did, a few troubles rose up, such as not having an apointment or not enough room in the hospitals.. Etc~ Sucky crap.

After some troubles and being put on a bed, with medicine being given and a few exames closing to finish, it was determined one thing, my mom, on monday, was 1 or 2 hours away of dying if she didn’t get medical attention.. I must add she was very strong to go that far, but she fainted halfway. She was losing a lot of blood, and my dad now constantly blames himself for not acting sooner, but he has stopped that and he’s semi-okay now..

Fast forwarding a bit, and after some more knowledge, the doctors put the chance of it being a tumor, we didn’t want to believe in it, and they provided us with another option/choice, it could be coagulated blood. And it was actually, nothing’s wrong with it.
Thing is, my mother had some cables attached to her that had some bags that seemingly cleaned her stomach from that coagulated blood, but it just kept coming and coming, what could it possibly be? An infection? Internal wound? Or what we suspected.. A tumor..

It’s not known yet… But all indications pretty much head out the tumor way, she had an exam yesterday, and whilst the doctors didn’t tell us much.. It seems they already know what’s happening. So they’re going to do an exam to her on Monday,  to see if it is or not a tumor, and if so, hopefully small or insignificant and remove it entirely.

As for myself and my dad.. It’s been very hard.. Nearly everyday my dad cries and claims his strenghts are going away.. And for myself.. I finally cried today with my dad, I couldn’t hold it anymore..

I’ve never seen my role model cry.. It’s.. Difficult..

Also, whilst I was visiting mom in the hospital I nearly blacked out/fainted, it was a very weird experience..

First I felt hot in the back of my head, then felt my stomach twisting and turning my head to look at my surroundings went in slow-mo, before I could even blink, my legs were weak, and I had to tell my dad I was passing out nearly, but I holded on to him and I didn’t, I got carried by him and a doctor to a couch, and told to sit there, it felt like the longest trip ever..

When I sat down and placed my head between my legs, my senses were going off, smelling.. Hearing.. Feeling.. they were all shutting down.

I couldn’t even hear myself, it was an experience I’ll never want to repeat..

Anyways.. That’s pretty much the gist of it, what’s been happening over the week, what’s going to happen.. Eh..

Now we wait for Monday.. I hope it’s something easily do-able.


Hang on there Mom.. Your time hasn’t come yet.. I promise..


~ by sessilu on August 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Worst week of my life EVER”

  1. Oh uli .__. i’m so sorry, really, just know we’re all here for you, even if that does not mean much now, you know you can always speak to your friends

    ❤ love you~

  2. Man… this sucks so much. Try not to worry yourself too much… I know it’s hard but you gotta stay strong. I’m here for you Uli. Good luck to you, your dad, and especially your mom.

    I love you.

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