A cutesy dream

*Sighs* Dreams.. Dreams dreams.. DREAMS!.. They can be so unexplaynable at times it always makes you mad you had such incromprehensible dreams!
Sometimes they’re weird.. Sometimes they’re pretty cute and sometimes they’re funny. Others might be sexual and there’s even nightmares.

This was mine today..

From what I can gather, I was at school, and something.. Like a fair showed up and my parents came as well, I was on my new class and my parents were there too for some unexplaynable reason.

There was this really… REALLY cute girl on class, whom I related to one of my very first classmates, she was called “Joana”. Now, before, my dream didn’t really involve her or anything, it actually didn’t make much sense untill my parents (dad mostly) asked Joana if she wanted to take a walk with me before they went home.

She was very happy and smily about it, and agreed, so, some stuff happeend which I can’t recall, I was at class or something, and I just kept looking at her, in her new uniform, which I can’t remember as well. Then the bell rings, and we go home.

Before such happens, we decide to stay outside a little and “talk”.. We didn’t talk much per se, from what I remember in my dream she was leaning against a wall and I was leaning against her, we gave hands and she started rubbing her hand on my pants, nowhere.. Private’ish mind you, haha. And it was feeling really good and nice for once.

So, we quit that and start going towards home so we could take our walk. Along the way, we see a bus, and since we really wanted that walk, we take it, I was skeptical about it, but she just dashes off to it and the next minute I know she’s inside waiting for me to come. I say: To hell with it; and move along too, altough I had to run a little bit, the bus was on motion already.

So I get inside the bus, without NO WAY or ANYTHING to pay the trip and I start hearing someone already opening their purse to pay for me, and I imagine it’s her, so I start chatting, showing him multiple cards I had, my old pass, some old tickets, my school card, till we reached a destination that was actually near the place where I always dropped off, but it was.. Remixed.. It had some areas of other parts I remember around with it.

She drops off, and she seemed to be rushy about something or someone, and reaches this factory’ kinda thing, and then she comes out with someone who I could call an older brother or a very young dad, I didn’t have the feeling of a boyfriend, but that was it.

So, I imediatly KNOW what’s happening since she came out with tears and didn’t give me a word as I passed by her, with my hands in my pockets, looking down. And they just kept arguing, I can’t remember the whole argument, but it had to do with me, for sure.

Then, I don’t really take chances and as they lean against a wall to talk, I stick around to hear the conversation, ocasionaly tilting my head outside the wall to hear better, he sometimes notices and I can hear him saying: “He’s here…” and “He’s not good enough for you! Don’t you see!?”.

So while I was pretty sure before how she felt, now I was completly certain. She liked me. Love may be a strong word right now, but we hadn’t seen eachother for YEARS, and she was getting communications cut off me already. It felt bad..

Anyways, as I see them leave, I also start to leave, saddened, maybe not because of this, as I’ll see her some other times in school for sure, but because..Why does this happen to me? Why do I have no luck at all when it comes to having a girl? Is it so hard to ask for a decent one? (Because my latest was more trouble then she was worth).

*Sigh* As I head on to bed, I think how nice I’m going to be towards her tomorrow, and how I’m going to help her no matter what, maybe talk to her parents and brothers/sisters and make them see I’m not such a bad guy afterall, I’ll do whatever it’ll make her happy, because I finally see a chance here and it’s already too late to call it quits.

Then something in my dream weirdly happens, I get this flashback of what’s going to happen tomorrow (In the dream world) and I foresee we talking about it then she gently kisses and licks my lips. I was definitly surprised.

That was mostly all in the dream, some other dream fragments included this weird.. Medieval thing with theatres.. And playing the evil witch part.. Eh.. I don’t care, unimportant anyways, hahaha~,

Summed, those are most of my dreams, unexplaynable, sometimes obvious, sometimes way too complex. I’ve had similar, but none with a backstory such as this, or so sure someone really liked me. Maybe it’s a way of cheering me up for this year? Maybe I’ll find someone at last? Hey, who knows right?

It’s like that famous quote from Forrest Gump, told by Gump (Tom Hanks) himself:

“My momma always told me life’s like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get” 


~ by sessilu on August 23, 2008.

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