What’s happening and what’s going to happen

Well, school’s ’round the block, it’s not that far away now, today’s the 20th, and my daily burden begins between 15-20th.

I’m heading to the 10th grade now, which is a big step from 9th I bet.

Instead of regular disciplines and school subjects, now I’ll have around 7-8, on contrary to the exquesite 12 I had.

They be…

  • Mathematics A (Hardest there is).
  • Portuguese.
  • Double/Triple overcharge of English since I dropped out of French.
  • Philosophy.
  • Physical Education.
  • Fisics and Chemistry A (Hardest there is).
  • Biology and Geology.
  • Project.

That’s about it really. Hopefully my timetable will be made of win and awesome, and I hope for some free afternoons. I like my naps, y’know? xD

On other matters.. My family’s (Mom and Dad) are going through a very rough economical situation, so rough I might be forced to drop down the Internet D: .. Not like it’s all for me, I’ve been saving lot’s and lot’s of singleplayer games for this ocasion, but I also like to see my friends.. :\, Plus a teenager needs Internet nowadays for lot’s of projects! *coughwikipediacough*

I’m even considering getting a small part time job, for a month or two, before the exams and tests start to kick in. I really need to help my parents, a small fee like 400-500 euros would help much already, it’d cover the latest 3 payoffs and there would still be left something for me.

It’d cover my car battery my dad had to buy, around 90 euros, it’d also cover the new gas thing to take a shower (Damn english I don’t know how to say it) which was 130 or so euros, and it’d even buy my books which should at I dunno what price.

On other news, next tuesday I’m probably going to the south of portugal, namely Algarve, to spend holidays with my grandparents along with my parents, till Saturday or so. I expect to relax 😀

That’s pretty much what’s going on over here, and damn, I’m hungry D:


~ by sessilu on August 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s happening and what’s going to happen”

  1. That sucks so much dude. I wish there was a way to help you with your financial problem. I don’t want you to get your internet taken away. D:

  2. Thanks man, but don’t worry, I’ll fix it out somehow.. Or my parents will..

    I hope I can get a part-time job sometime soon.. I really do..

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