Titan Quest – Action RPG.

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne
Titan Quest – Immortal Throne

Titan Quest & it’s expansion. “Immortal Throne”


The action role-playing-game developed by Iron Lore Entertainment (Which as of February 19, 2008 has ceased all operations due to being unable to secure it’s funds for their next project.)

But not all that is the sad, the game is quite.. “Happy” so to speak, hehe. Imbued with lot’s of hourly fun, you’re sure to forget when it’s past your bedtime, or going to work, whatever your age is, haha.

Titan Quest was released worldwide by THQ on June 26, 2006. It was also released on Steam, along with it’s expansion “Immortal Throne” on July 17, 2007. 

It’s interesting to note that the co-creator from Age of Empires: Brian Sullivan, participated in the project ;).
But that’s just a fun-fact.

Sinking into the game’s “hard candy” as I’d like to call it, it possesses ragdoll physics, full lighting effects, day-night cycles, ancient world mythology, modern 3D graphics (Well ‘sorta.. It’s no Bioshock, but it’s good), unique treasures, fast gameplay, and a world editor for players to create their own custom worlds, mods, and quests.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest

An interesting fact though, is the loot system, which I could call it of as “realistic”. Why you ask? Because the only loot you’re going to get out of monsters are the equips they wear. The exceptions to this rule are rings, charms (which are invisible on the creature) and monster charms (which are a part of it, e.g. raptor teeth and turtle shells).

Also, frequently appearing are enemies and monsters from fabled Greek Mythology, like Skeletons, Zombies, Titans, Dragons, etc~etc~.

Moving on to the game’s features (Counting with Immortal Throne), we can conclude that it has…

  • Four Acts riddled with storyline.
  • Good ammount of gameplay (Act I and IV alone can last to roughly 20-30 hours of gameplay, other acts are shorter).
  • Level cap is 75.
  • Lot’s of monsters (Say variety?)
  • Lot’s of quests.
  • 9 Schools to learn from (Warfare, Dream, Storm, etc~) racking up the possibility to make 37 Classes!!
  • Three Difficulty Levels: Normal, Epic and Legendary, each is harder and more rewarding.
  • Real world locations (Altough I’m sure the landscape and all isn’t realisticly real).
  • Online and LAN play, where people can join up in games, co-op throughout the story and trade items.

That pretty much sums it up, as for the multiplayer, 2-7 people can join up a game, created either by LAN or Online. The Internet option announces the server to a centralized pairing system run by Gamespy, which then displays the available servers to other players in a browser-type window, as long as the server and client’s game versions are the same. Which I might add, is pretty nifty, altough the filter system leaves something to be desired.

What is common on this game, isn’t though, reason why is it has no direct IP feature that most games of this type have, which would allow a person to type another person’s IP to connect to their PC directly instead of using either LAN or Online. However, establishing a VPN with other players would allow for connection via a LAN interface. Although multiplayer Internet play has been inactive, many active Titan Quest players use “Hamachi” to play.

Snake women! O:

As for story, there isn’t much to say. You’re this random person who (from the scenes) arrives near a village of Helos who needs help desperatly based on the offending attacks of Satyrs and Boars, you of course, help them, and they congratulate you. This leads you to a bunch of entertwining quests, one where you even meet Leonidas, the Spartan King (And no, there’s no screaming voicework for “THIS IS SPARTA!!” or “TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!”, so drop those wishes off :P). Unlike the common stories you’ll find in greek mythology’ish games, this one centers on a particulary interesting plotline.

“End of communication between gods and humans”. So yeah, we’re pretty much by ourselves down here, haha.

As for how the soundtrack goes, it’s nothing special, there’s fitting tunes, and some mild battling tunes, regular stuff, but not something you’ll go: Whoa! Oh my god!.

Below right now, are the system requirements:

System requirements Minimum










One would think since the producer of the game went down, that community would be insta-dead and all, but that is so not the case. First of all, THQ whitholds the game’s rights, secondly, it’s heavily supported by fans, with various mods made and in the making, even fan-made patches to fix some of the bugs that Iron Lore unfortunatly cannot fix.

And that’s mostly the jist of it, it’s a pretty fun game in it’s all, playing very similarly to Blizzard’s top-action RPG Diablo, but it’s no copy.

This ends my.. “Review” of the game.
I must add, you should all try it, and even pair up with me on Hamachi sometime, who knows ;).


~ by sessilu on August 20, 2008.

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  1. This game looks decent. I hope my computer can run it. And I know I said that I’ll have it downloaded by today, I guess I over-estimated my new internet. I have the regular version downloaded, but I still need to download the expansion.

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