Urusei Yatsura




Ah, that never got old on this long-running anime/manga series.

Creator of all this?: Rumiko Takahashi. Same mangaka that spawned Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and Maison Ikkoku. It has 195 episodes and there’s 34 volumes worth of manga goodness.



To be accurate on the dates, it goes something like this:

  • Manga: 1978 – 1987

  • Anime: 14 October 1981 – 19 March 1986

  • OVA’s: 11 Release between 1985 – 1993

  • Movies: 7 of them: “Only You”; “Beautiful Dreamer”; “Remember My Love”; “Lum The Forever”; “The Final Chapter”; “Always, My Darling”.


I’d usually watch it on TV every morning/night when I was a kid. It was really funny.

From what I remember, it’d be about Lum, an alien girl that came to Earth based on her dad’s competition (I think), and turns out the alien computer selected Earth and Ataru (Most unlikely savior of earth of ALL TIME).

So, the first few episodes narrate the competition, where the human must grab Lum’s horns. Thing is, she can fly and electrify.

After watching a great amount of comedy and perseverance, you’d think earth was doomed, till Ataru LITERALLY pulls Lum’s bra off with a weird gizmo, which makes her blush and cover her breasts, climaxing the whole situation in Ataru grabbing her horns.

Thing is, Ataru screams something among the lines: “I’ll be able to marry you now!” (He was going out with Shinobu, a classmate of him at the time). But Lum misunderstands that, and with the law of her home planet in conscience, she accepts his “marriage proposal”.

This results in a lot of eager and envious people, and all sorts of things start happening to Ataru.

But I won’t press on the episodes and spoilers no longer, you must watch it for yourself to realize it’s awesomeness.

It’s so awesome, but so old lol.

I reccomend everyone to take a small look at it, and this is as far as I go sadly.

Let’s see what I can cook up next time :3


~ by sessilu on August 18, 2008.

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